SAP S/4 Hana which is considered to be SAP’s biggest update to its ERP platform in over two decades was launched in 2015. The new suite is one of the most advanced technological shifts from SAP, providing solutions to all industrial niches. Reportedly 8,900 customers worldwide have confirmed to use S/4 Hana by June 2018 and the number is growing.

The company announced the discontinuation of R/3 by 2025 which is the predecessor of S/4 Hana. Customers using SAP’s R/3 need to migrate to the new platform and be future-ready. While 2025 looks far away, the SAP team of Order Manager solution from TecAlliance has already worked towards this transitional change and prepared in advance for a smooth migration. 

Order Manager turned to SAP solutions years back and now migrated to SAP S/4 Hana to experience increased productivity amongst customers and relevant stakeholders in the business process. Order Manager connects 280+ automotive aftermarket manufacturers and 30,000+ aftermarket buyers through different integration interfaces. Many large and medium-sized customers are currently using Order Manager’s SAP supplier solution suite or the buyer SAP solution CFO – Comfort Order. 

The SAP team of Order Manager has been preparing for over 2 years in advance to migrate the customers without any glitches. 

A huge amount of effort and time are involved in the course of planning and preparation. The expert team has now made the SAP Supplier Solution Suite consisting of CFS – Comfort Supply, RM – Reverse Messages and CMD – Collaborative Managed Data, ready for the next leap S/4 Hana. In the next phase, the SAP buyer solution CFO will be launched by Q1 2020.

Here are a few customer case studies in brief:

Enabling our customers to become future-ready:

One of the aftermarket suppliers from Germany having operations in Europe and the USA is already prepared for the S/4 Hana migration. The supplier experienced unparalleled benefits by moving from Order Manager Online Portal to CFS – Comfort Supply solutions of Order Manager, not long ago in 2019. Now, the Order Manager SAP team has successfully moved the supplier to the next stage and implemented S/4 Hana at their interface in a 2 months long migration project. Undoubtedly, one of the fastest SAP migration project for e-commerce sellers system in our work history.

Another large automotive aftermarket and OE manufacturer from Portugal has also been using S/4 Hana for some time in 2019. The group has its extended business over 17 countries across continents and pioneers in original equipment manufacturing, recycling and of course aftermarket solutions. Usually, it’s a challenge for the aftermarket manufacturers with multiple in-house brands to manage their buyers’ network which is also overseas. But the Order Manager SAP supplier solution makes it easier and more productive for the company to function seamlessly across different markets and systems.

Being in the SAP supplier solution league, a Germany based automotive aftermarket supplier’s Spanish branch is also using S/4 Hana for their large range of products. Being located in multiple countries across Europe, the company has an intense inventory line of spare parts and some are even specialised for the Asian car manufacturers. Having a line of unique and specialised parts, the company looked for a consolidated platform that connects themselves to their huge network of buyers. Indeed, the Order Manager CFS – Comfort Supply solution addressed all the business process automation needs and successfully helped the customers to move to S/4 Hana. As a result, the company drove efficiency gains for their customers.

Order Manager SAP team’s continuous efforts to support the customers: 

Whether it’s implementation of a project or migration of one, nothing happens overnight. It needs thorough planning to succeed. Since the aftermarket clients needed to be migrated from one interface to S/4 Hana, many parallel activities needed to be worked on. For example, double maintenance for both solution platforms R/3 and S4 in parallel. Also, it’s a challenge for the Order Manager SAP development teams to support different SAP S/4 solutions (releases 1608, 1709 already do exist and release 1810 will be launched soon).

“We are able to bring business efficiency to our customers with S/4 Hana. Our customers using Order Manager integrated with SAP solutions, witnessed measurable business growth and fast shift of the business process.” – Daniel Schmat, Product Owner SAP, Order Manager at TecAlliance

The next step:

Technological advancements are inevitable and the Order Manager teams are continuously working to provide better and improved environments for the customers. The SAP team’s next big step would be to support the Fiori Apps for the new user interface/interaction for the SAP solutions.

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