Under the motto “Future Alliance” the TecAlliance GmbH site in Weikersheim, Germany, is currently training 22 young people and offering particularly successful trainees the opportunity to gain further qualification in a dual study programme. In September 2014 six trainees and two students will be added to the programme. The goal of the “Future Alliance” programme is to train employees for a future within the company so that they are qualified and can become excellent skilled employees and managers.

At the Weikersheim location IT students with application development and system integration specialisations are being trained, as are office clerks. In September 2014 the training for two more IT specialists for system integration and for four more application developers will begin.

The well-grounded professional qualification is the primary item in the training although TecAlliance also offers the trainees the possibility to take responsibility in special projects to gain important experience. These projects may include organisation and execution of student workshops, short trips and an introductory week for new trainees. In addition the trainees may represent TecAlliance at training trade fairs and organise a “Web Workshop” at two schools to teach students how to build a homepage and first steps in programming.

TecAlliance offers another interesting training alternative: a course of study at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) Mosbach – Campus Bad Mergentheim. In a three-year course theory and professional praxis are closely integrated to permit a smooth start in the working career. Three-month study periods at the Mosbach or Bad Mergentheim campus are interchanged with working phases.

The theoretical content of the courses is attuned to the professional requirements so that the knowledge acquired can be used at work in TecAlliance GmbH. In the course of the programme students take on increasingly responsible tasks in different teams at different locations. Diverse practice-related projects are also developed so that they can be used directly by the company. Time abroad is also a possibility.

You can find more information about training at TecAlliance and the open training and study slots in the area “Job & Career” on the TecAlliance website. TecAlliance GmbH is also represented at the following training trade fairs in Germany:

  • 28.06.2014, Wertheim
  • 04./05.07.2014, IHK-Ausbildungsbörse Lauda
  • November, Niederstetten
  • 12.07.2014, Open Door Day at DHBW Mosbach