Instant Data Processing (IDP) enables flexible updates of TecDoc data in real-time

Ismaning, Germany, 11 January 2020 – The automotive aftermarket is a highly competitive and fast-moving market. To be successful under these conditions, parts manufacturers must be first to market and make sure that the most up-to-date and accurate product data is available. TecAlliance, one of the leading data specialists connecting the digital aftermarket, is revolutionizing the handling of product data with Instant Data Processing (IDP). This new interface makes it possible to update TecDoc data in real time, thus increasing flexibility and shortening the time to market for data suppliers and recipients. IDP will be available early in 2021.

Up to now, TecAlliance data suppliers have been bound by a strict schedule to update the TecDoc Catalogue Database. Besides that, they have had to deliver the full data set even for a single minor change, which made the updating process complicated and time-consuming. Processing data was only possible with the TecAlliance Data Management Tools (DMM or CCU), forcing data suppliers using other product management systems to export data from that system to the TecAlliance tool for every update.

Worldwide updates within seconds

With IDP, TecAlliance has developed an API interface that makes the transfer process to the TecDoc database faster and more flexible. Parts manufacturers can update their catalogue data within seconds and at any time. For minor changes, they only need to send the net changes.

The IDP feature is included in the data management tools DMM and CCU. It is also available as a stand-alone API interface for users with third-party PIM systems, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone export and import processes.

Within seconds, all data transferred via IDP will be integrated and published in the TecDoc Catalogue, one of the world’s leading replacement part catalogues, and made available worldwide via WebService, Data Packages and Web Shops.

IDP also offers new ways for TecDoc data recipients to benefit from the acceleration. When IDP is integrated in their processes, all data updates can be received at the same time as on the TecDoc platform. The data recipients always have control over the data so that they can decide when they want to publish updates in their own production environments.

The revolution begins

TecAlliance’s IDP interface enables all players in the international automotive aftermarket to always work with the latest and most accurate data. Instant Data Processing helps users to save time in data management, to shorten the time to market and to focus on their core business of selling parts.

The first pilot projects to test the interface will start soon. The IDP interface will be available early in 2021 for all TecAlliance customers worldwide.

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