On 21 May 2015 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, TecAlliance held its first meeting for experts in the field of commercial vehicles.

TecRMI, as the expert for repair and maintenance data, invited participants to outline their requirements and share knowledge from their daily work practices. The CV experts were brought together to discuss and actively help to design the TecRMI market standard.  In addition, TecRMI’s current and planned developments were presented and compared with the expectations of the experts in a discussion session.

The participants defined the points of focus for future regular meetings of the TecRMI CV Expert Group to be the exchange with colleagues from the sector, learning about additional areas of application for the TecRMI data and the communication of information about further content development from TecRMI. The results of the discussion session on the particular requirements from the CV area will be collected and prioritised. In the next step an implementation plan will be developed together with the truck experts.

Ralf Pelkmann, Vice President Information Management – TecRMI, was very satisfied with the results of the first event and expressed it as follows, “The brand TecRMI under the umbrella of TecAlliance GmbH has the goal of also being the information supplier for CV repair and maintenance information in the future. The complete CV part business supports this concept and will identify the CV information that the market needs together with TecAlliance/TecRMI. Working with the market this goal will now be pursued consistently.”

The next meeting of the TecRMI CV Expert Group will be held in September 2015 in Kassel, Germany. The exact date will be announced well in advance on the TecRMI website.