In two Expert Group Meetings last year TecCom brought together experts from industry and wholesalers to work out new standards for message contents and business rules. The working meetings were a big success because the expert group was able to create a living standard to optimise message exchange and connect new partners quickly and easily.

The new business rules are already being used for new customers, migration projects of existing customers and new connections. In the future the expert group will continue to take on and discuss new requirements.

In both meetings the group started by comparing the TecCom standards with the market requirements. Current message contents were standardised, categorised and it was determined whether each case concerned standard business information that needed to be sent and processed by the respective message sender and recipient or if it was optional content.

All working results were documented and made available by TecCom in the form of guidelines. In the long term the results of the workshops will also be used to define future message standards.