Since June 2017, ElringKlinger has relied on the TecAlliance solution Comfort Supply SAP in order processing. The solution improves the transparency of the processing, increases service quality and accelerates processes.

To assert yourself in a constantly changing competitive environment, you should impress with excellent product quality on the one hand. On the other hand, the service processes also should be seamlessly coordinated with one another. Comfort Supply SAP provides very flexible support here and automates the order process.

New Comfort Supply SAP release 5.1 for higher requirements

With the use of the new release Comfort Supply SAP 5.1, ElringKlinger would like to set new standards in order processing. The Comfort Supply Monitor, which observes and analyses enquiries, stock and express orders, helps with this. Problems which occur can now be found and corrected quickly. New, more flexible extension options and tools (customising application) simplify customer-specific extensions. Thus, an e-mail notification for technical error messages, as well as a holiday calendar and cut-off times, have been integrated into the customer delivery scheduling.

Screenshot ComfortSupplySAP

Screenshot ComfortSupplySAP

“The new release Comfort Supply SAP 5.1 provides new functionalities and simplifies customer-specific extensions,” explains Andreas Meichsner, TecAlliance project manager, who adds: “The transparency is also increased, and the ElringKlinger Customer Service Department can now respond easily, quickly and individually to customer enquiries.”

Rapid response and smooth launch

ElringKlinger has relied on the expertise of TecAlliance for more than 13 years. “The project went smoothly and took just a few months, and we put Comfort Supply SAP into operation on the agreed date,” says Ulrich Fischer, project manager at ElringKlinger. “The Consulting & Implementation Team of TecAlliance also adhered to the estimated costs and the schedule in an exemplary manner.”

Since June 2017, ElringKlinger has worked productively with the new system and would like to update the solution Reverse Messages SAP as its next step.