Starting 1 January 2019, electronic invoicing will be mandatory for all domestic B2B transactions in Italy. Certain Italian companies, such as public-sector sub-contractors and suppliers of fossil fuels, have already been obligated to send electronic invoices since July 2018. From January 2019 onwards, all companies that are based in Italy and operative domestically will have to fulfil specific requirements. This also applies to the independent automotive aftermarket.

Strict format requirements for electronic invoices

As invoice senders, companies must deliver invoices to the exchange system (Sistema di Interscambio – SDI) in the FatturaPA format. This system is managed by the Italian tax authorities; it acts as a clearing house (e.g. for checking VAT-relevant information and approving the invoice for further processing). An invoice that has not been issued in the legally prescribed manner is considered to have not been issued at all.

On the safe side with the e-Invoicing module

AAll companies (i.e. invoice senders as well as invoice recipients) will have to overcome various challenges in order to fulfil these requirements. As a leading e-invoicing provider in the independent automotive aftermarket, TecAlliance offers a suitable solution and comprehensive consulting services for the new legal situation in Italy. The e-Invoicing module of Order Manager facilitates tax-compliant invoice processing and efficient invoicing.

Contact our experts now ( in order to ensure that your company is well-equipped for the new regulation at the beginning of 2019. Further information about Order Manager, which contains the e-Invoicing module, can be found here…