With delivery of release 3.0 of the new Data Management Modules DMM R2 and PMD R2 on 16 November 2017, the development project was officially completed and introduced into regular operation. Over 450 brands have already switched to the new systems and benefit from reference data that is updated and expanded monthly. The remaining brands must complete the changeover by 31 March 2018.

Further development of DMM R2 and PMD R2 does not stop with completion of the development project, however. It continues in regular operation with unchanged team strength. But the software delivery cycle for the upcoming year will change: four releases will be delivered in 2018. In December 2017, all customers will be informed about the exact delivery dates for the upcoming year.

Jochen Koenig, head of the roll-out project at TecAlliance, is very satisfied with the development. “Completion of the development project and switchover of the first 450 brands were important milestones. The new data management modules DMM R2 and PMD R2 are and will continue to be a crucial component of successful data management; they are the only way we can supply the data suppliers with monthly updated reference data. And in the future, even daily updates will be possible with the new systems,” says Koenig.


Jochen König, Practice Leader Portfolio- and Project-Management bei TecAlliance

Jochen König, Practice Leader Portfolio- and Project-Management bei TecAlliance

The switchover to the new TecAlliance Data Management Modules (DMM R2, PMD R2) has been in full swing since September 2017. With these tools, TecAlliance data providers can record, import and export their data; link to TecAlliance Vehicle ID, TecAlliance Article ID etc.; check their data against the TecDoc standard; and submit it to the TecDoc Catalogue database. In the new systems, the reference data has been updated and expanded monthly since July 2017. This enables all changes to reach the market much more quickly.

To make the changeover to the new systems as smooth as possible, all customers were contacted by TecAlliance by telephone in recent weeks. The project was planned jointly and customers supported during the testing and changeover.