A new release of the Product Management Analytics (TecPMA) solution featuring a range of new functions has been available since the beginning of August 2017. The web-based analysis tool allows product and catalogue data managers to create gap and competition analysis reports for the European and Chinese markets. DENSO Europe, one of the leading automotive suppliers in the fields of starters & alternators, engine management systems, wiper blades, ignition parts, thermal parts and diesel components, has already been using the TecPMA solution for Europe for over a year now in order to develop its own activities on the basis of the detected product lines and data gaps, and to prioritise these using country-specific car parc data.

DENSO Europe relies on Product Management Analytics

Jeroen Mulder, Product Information Specialist at Denso Europe, is convinced of the benefits the solution has to offer: “Product Management Analytics is an important tool that pools all of the competition and car parc data. Our application engineers use TecPMA mainly for creating gap analysis reports; our product management team uses the solution for coverage and competition analysis. The comparison of our own product ranges with those of our competitors represents a key benchmarking instrument. The various reports show us quickly and easily where we stand in comparison to our competitors in terms of coverage.”

New release offers additional functions

With the new TecPMA release, country coverage in Europe has been expanded to cover the region specified in the data provider contract. Apart from that, the solution now offers much more comprehensive results for the different types of analysis, 17 in all so far. The solution also includes additional selection options (e.g. the exact position for installing a generic item) and suggestions for data maintenance. This means that, in so-called “intelligent gap analysis”, it is now possible to produce more than one result per vehicle type.

“TecPMA has undergone continuous development and we are very happy with the solution. It is particularly helpful for us that, in this new release, all item numbers and OE references are now listed in all of the relevant XLS reports”, says Mulder, praising the most recent improvements made to the solution.

About the Product Management Analytics (TecPMA) solution

TecPMA offers TecAlliance customers different types of analysis that evaluate the data providers’ product articles and their linkages to the TecDoc vehicle master data, and correlate these with those of competitor brands and current country-specific vehicle parc data (VIO = vehicles in operation). The identified data gaps and product range potentials provide valuable information for data maintenance and product management. Product managers are supported in their day-to-day operations in many ways: Compact management reports for updating managers round off the new TecAlliance product range. The tool also provides valuable information for sales teams, helping them to maximise sales potential.