DENSO aftermarket customers in mainland Europe are now able to further automate their order processing with the introduction of reverse messaging through TecCom

Following successful pilots with several distributors, DENSO Europe is now rolling out TecOrder’s online reverse messaging solution to all customers across mainland Europe. All existing TecCom users will be gradually introduced to the system over the coming weeks. The new messages will automatically be made available to all new customers signing up to TecCom and developed for UK customers in the near future.

Many DENSO distributors and garages across Europe are already familiar with the TecCom solution, TecOrder, and up until now the online dialogue has been one way: customers use the order platform to submit price and availability inquiries and order replacement parts, but order confirmations and updates, packing lists and invoices are manually raised and sent from DENSO Europe. Reverse messaging comprises three main features: order response, dispatch advice and invoice.

Advantages for DENSO customers are numerous. By integrating all the steps from the initial availability inquiry to invoice data, the links in the order process become seamless. Express orders are acknowledged instantly, while stock orders are acknowledged within maximum 30 minutes. Further notification is sent when stock is allocated, followed by a packing list as soon as the order is ready to be shipped. In fact any change in due date or allocation will create a new order response.

By eliminating manual data entry, reverse messaging will enable DENSO’s Customer Service staff to offer an improved, more individual service – focusing their time on dealing with exceptions and special cases. As well as fewer wrong deliveries and returns, automation will reduce response times and enhance their productivity.

Linda Huisman, Team Leader, Customer Service IAM, comments: “The main benefits of TecCom reversed messaging for our customers is the ability to access order information around the clock – regardless of their time zone. Our customers will also benefit from a reduction in the number of phone calls and emails.”

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