Fast and accurate vehicle and replacement parts identification

As a workshop operator you know what your customers expect: sound advice, fast repair and maintenance services, low cost calculations. To meet these demands, you need:

  • Fast searching and precise identification of spare and wear parts, as well as an objective parts comparison
  • Current installation instructions, service information, repair and maintenance data
  • Comprehensive knowledge to give reliable advice and sell the right replacement parts
  • Simplified calculation, offer and cost approval processes with fleet companies

We offer you a flexible and market-oriented offering of data, processes, integrated solutions and consulting services – and one of the world’s leading vehicle and replacement parts catalogues with the TecDoc Catalogue.

Effective repairs, service and maintenance

Time savings for workshops thanks to TecDoc

The uniform structure simplifies the use of TecAlliance data for replacement parts, repair and maintenance; this saves a lot of time in the workshop and improves efficiency. Quality, up-to-date status and data security are always included.

The TecDoc Catalogue enables fast and precise identification of replacement parts using product information from over 700 brands. Features include intuitive search functions, detailed article descriptions and comprehensive installation and repair instructions. It is available everywhere in 35 languages –even on your mobile device.

With the Order Manager you can optimise the processing of orders, claims and returns – allowing you to offer your customers even better service. For efficient cooperation with fleet operators, fleet management, leasing companies and insurance providers, our Fleet Manager simplifies your calculation, offer and approval processes.

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