The digital aftermarket: one market – many players

The stakeholders in today’s independent automotive aftermarket (IAM) operate in a multi-tiered global system. On the top tier are the automotive suppliers and parts manufacturers, who develop, manufacture and sell parts for a wide range of vehicle types and models. The middle tier is the trade level, where parts dealers’ warehouses ensure that frequently required parts are as quickly available to workshops as less frequently used parts. On the lowest tier are the car workshops, which want the right parts delivered at the best price and in the shortest possible time. They need this to repair and maintain vehicles.

As a result of significant growth of the fleet and leasing business, new stakeholders are entering the game. Fleet and leasing companies and insurance companies are in close contact with workshops for the maintenance and repair of vehicles. Using the service plans available to them, they want to get the best possible service at the best possible price.

Business success requires a transparent market.  Comprehensive vehicle and product data as well as repair and maintenance information must be available. The better the organisation of the processes between market participants, the more efficiently everyone can work. And this is exactly where the services of TecAlliance fit in.

Our customers


Fast and accurate vehicle and replacement parts identification: we offer you a flexible and market-oriented portfolio of data, processes and integrated solutions – and the TecDoc Catalogue is one of the leading global catalogues for vehicles and replacement parts.


Replacement parts trade

Speed and accuracy for satisfied customers: we offer you optimised workflows for order processing, excellent solutions for replacement parts catalogues and e-commerce, and high-quality standardised data.


Automotive suppliers and parts manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers

An optimal overview of replacement parts data in the independent automotive aftermarket (IAM): as a data supplier to the TecDoc Catalogue, you and your products are present on site worldwide. We also offer you high-performance tools for professional data management, detailed analysis, a competent data management service and optimised workflows for your order-to-invoice processes.


Fleet companies, leasing companies, and insurance providers

Full cost planning and control: we offer you integrated data and processes for service, maintenance, repair, wear and tyres as well as for collaboration with workshops. Together with Caruso, we offer individual digitisation solutions – the mobility data and service marketplace.