Customer orientation is one of TecAlliance’s fundamental corporate values. After presenting the Customer Satisfaction Rating Programme and the Customer Rating Index in the most recent editions of the newsletter, this time we are featuring the PreView Catalogue. This was introduced in February 2017 by the Data Quality & Services department to be able to directly present Data Service results to TecAlliance customers in a preview system before these are published.

With the help of the PreView Catalogue, catalogue data that is processed as part of an on-boarding service for new providers or as an update service for regular providers can be viewed in advance by the customer before being officially published in TecAlliance catalogues and distributed to retailers.

Andreas Assmann, Vice President of Information Management Data Quality & Services at TecAlliance, is pleased that the conditions have now been set for providing data services in direct dialogue with the customer: “In the past, the results of all data services rendered were made available to the customer in the form of TecDoc-formatted data. However, this was generally too much of a challenge for our customers, who then simply waited until they were able to view their data in the final media. The result of this was that requests for improvements could only be taken into account in the next update. With the introduction of the PreView Catalogue, we’re able to process catalogue data together with and specifically for our customers as we can work directly with the customer on the “living object” at any time”, Assmann explains, citing the benefits of the new tool.

Data constellations can be processed in various formats and uploaded onto the PreView Catalogue. The ideal solution from the customer’s point of view can be worked out in direct discussions with the customer, and then put into practice by TecAlliance’s Data Service team.

Assmann is convinced that “true to the motto ‘a picture says more than a thousand words’, the PreView Catalogue offers us a tool with which we can continue to increase our customers’ satisfaction with our data services in an effective and target-oriented manner”.

Screenshot Preview Catalogue