Customer orientation is one of TecAlliance’s fundamental corporate values. In the last three editions of the TecAlliance newsletter we have presented various measures and projects to boost the satisfaction levels of TecAlliance customers. A further step is the introduction of a new telephone system to make Customer Support easier to reach.

In May 2017, an ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) system was introduced for the TecAlliance Customer Support team. Thanks to this cloud-hosted system, we have made enormous improvements in accessibility for our customers. Additional features such as the dynamic calculation of waiting times and queues and the so-called skill-based routing are enabling us to connect customers more quickly with the right point of contact.

“Our customers have let us know that we could do more to improve telephone availability. We’ve taken this feedback seriously, which is why we’re investing in this new technology. We’re sure that it will enable us to offer our customers even better service,” says Bernd Neumann-Mahlkau, Vice President of Customer Services at TecAlliance.

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