Customer orientation is one of TecAlliance’s fundamental corporate values. In the coming issues of our newsletter, we’ll be revealing just some of the measures and programmes TecAlliance has been implementing in its different departments to improve customer satisfaction. First up is the Consulting & Implementation department, which will be introducing the Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSR) programme in January 2017.

“The common starting point when it comes to any measure for increasing customer satisfaction is empathy for and appreciation of our customers. Customers share their experiences of projects and companies,” says Dr Nadja Well, Executive Vice President Consulting & Implementation at TecAlliance. “That’s why we strongly believe that communication with customers forms the basis for improving services and acts as the driver of innovation for our consulting services,” continues Well.

The CSR programme will help determine how satisfied TecAlliance customers are with its consulting services, the way in which it manages projects and communicates and with the relevant software solutions implemented. To measure these satisfaction levels, individual interviews, lasting approximately ten minutes, will be held with customers at the end of every project. The objective is to get to know customers better, to understand their expectations and desires and to integrate the experiences in our continuous improvement process.

Focus groups will be formed to analyse and evaluate the results of these interviews in detail. They will then determine potential for optimisation and, where appropriate, initiate improvement measures.

Andreas Maurer, Group Manager Technical Consulting at TecAlliance, is confident that: “The CSR programme will further improve our project-related communication with our customers. And the thorough follow-up process will help us ensure that our solutions and services are better in line with our customers’ needs,” says Maurer.

For further information about the CSR programme, please contact your TecAlliance project manager.



Dr Nadja Well (2nd row, middle) wants to implement the CSR programme in the Consulting & Implementation department to further improve customer satisfaction.