Orientation towards the customer is one of TecAlliance’s fundamental corporate values. After presenting the Customer Satisfaction Rating Programme from the Consulting & Implementation Department in the last edition of the newsletter, this time we’re featuring the Customer Rating Index used by the Customer Support Department to increase customer satisfaction.

TecAlliance Customer Support has been using the Customer Rating Index (CRI) since July 2014. After a support request has been processed, we write to the customer by e-mail and ask them about how satisfied they were. Up until now, more than 6,000 customers have taken advantage of this opportunity and shared their feedback. This feedback is continually evaluated and used to improve our service performance.

This has helped to significantly increase the quality of our customer support and boost the numbers of satisfied and very satisfied customers. ‘When we introduced the CRI and evaluated the initial results, around 76% of customers were satisfied or very satisfied with the processing of their request. Today, 85% of our customers rate the process positively,’ says Bernd Neumann-Mahlkau, vice president of Customer Services at TecAlliance.

In the case of negative evaluations, the customer is contacted again by phone in order to talk through the criticisms in detail and get suggestions for improvement. These specific comments from the customer are particularly valuable for the continued improvement of Customer Support.

‘The introduction of the CRI has ensured that we have an improved understanding of customers’ needs in our Customer Support,’ Neumann-Mahlkau says with conviction. ‘We want to get better and better, and therefore encourage our customers to make the most of the opportunity to evaluate the customer requests we process.’