Already while preparing a cost estimate TecRMI users can get a list of the special tools required for a repair job. This is a further step to a comprehensive automated calculation process, the basis for the business success of a workshop.

Previously special tools were included in the repair instructions and made it possible for the mechanic to see tools required for each work step. For job preparation this information usually came too late because the vehicle was already in the shop. The TecRMI module TecTIMES now has access to a database with the special tools for each repair case. In addition to the target times with the original job position numbers for the available repair methods, the original special tool numbers of the vehicle manufacturer are shown so that they can be considered in the calculation.

TecTIMES builds replacement part packages, optionally now also including the special tools, so that nothing is forgotten either in the calculation or in the order. With the direct link to replacement part catalogues the right replacement parts are automatically selected for each work schedule. The TecDoc database is currently being expanded to include products from the sectors workshop equipment, tools, special tools and workshop needs. For suppliers the new product data standard for workshop equipment, tools and special tools is already available for linking. For Automechanika (Version 04/2014) it will also be visible in IAM catalogues. If a supplier of special tools links the original replacement part number of the vehicle manufacturer with his own product number, after generating a cost estimate with TecRMI the link to the replacement part catalogue will ensure that the correct tool is selected.