Many a time, the large aftermarket distributors, wholesalers are connected to small supplier organizations for their daily businesses. A single large wholesaler/distributor may have more than x small or medium-sized suppliers in their connection who are not adapted to their online business model. In the end, the wholesalers/distributors need to manually manage a broad scattered network of small/medium-sized suppliers with a lot of additional efforts. The wholesalers/distributors need to follow the traditional and tiring business processes like ordering through emails/phones/fax etc. and managing them separately at their end. This increases the process costs, efforts and time, limiting many other possibilities compared to the online ordering process especially on Order Manager.

Order Manager is the largest B2B e-commerce platform to buy and sell car parts inventories. Both suppliers and buyers benefit immensely from the system. The platform could be advanced for many small supplier organizations that have technological restrictions or fewer capacities to integrate with their system.

Order Manager developed a similar solution called EntrySupplyWeb with less technical complexities for the organizations with limited integration capacity.

Now, the large wholesalers/distributors are able to move their non Order Manager supplier base on a single consolidated online platform through EntrySupplyWeb.

Huge benefits for the wholesalers :

  • Self-explanatory process for your suppliers with a simple user interface
  • No critical integration efforts at the supplier’s side (in the suppliers’ environment)
  • Messages compliant with TecAlliance business rules
  • Cloud-based solution available worldwide
  • Reduce manual management efforts and saves on process costs
  • Records of all data, invoices and other documents available online under one platform
  • Support your suppliers to move to the online business process, reducing their efforts to receive and manage orders via phone/fax/email etc.