Independent automotive aftermarket is a huge network of stakeholders from big parts manufactures to distributors, traders, small workshops/garages, etc.  Market consolidation is an emerging trend in the automotive aftermarket industry. Suppliers are entering the digital aftermarket in full throttle and believed to have experienced immense revenue growth by offering inventories on digital platforms. Globalization, on the other hand, is an inevitable phenomenon, putting immense pressure on the aftermarket suppliers to connect beyond their home-markets.

More and more suppliers are realizing the need for driving growth outside of their comfort customer base and extend their services to new markets.

A major part of the industry has adapted itself to the most advanced technological capacities. But there’s also a big network of small or medium sized buyer organizations out there, who find themselves in a challenging position as they lack that kind of capacity.

Realizing the scenario, Order Manager, the largest B2B e-commerce platform in the automotive aftermarket industry developed a solution called EntrySupplyWeb (a web EDI solution) that connects a supplier and a buyer at minimum integration level without any complex technological setup processes.

Suppliers often experience the need of reaching out to every potential customer and bring them to a consolidated online platform. But the buyer organizations are not always able to connect with a large supplier’s advanced technical interfaces.

EntrySupplyWeb is the best used affordable solution from Order Manager that offers an easy way for the non Order Manager suppliers to connect with a large base of buyers on Order Manager. The business processes could be managed under one platform with reduced manual efforts and costs.

Suppliers having fewer opportunities for end-to-end deep system integration, can now connect to 25,000+ buyers on Order Manager platform through Entry Supply Web solution, increasing their market-wide visibility and opportunities to grow business.

Added opportunities for Suppliers/Distributors in a ‘Buyer’ role:

  • A supplier/distributor is also able to connect to
  • Seller organizations worldwide
  • Small or medium sized sellers having less possibility for online integration

Benefits for the suppliers:

  • Business growth is not restricted to technological possibilities and hence a supplier can receive and respond to orders from any customer under a consolidated platform.
  • Reduces a huge amount of manual work to attend orders placed by phone, emails, fax, etc.
  • Additional Order Manager feature reduces manual maintenances of data, documents or records
  • Dispatch advise, invoices, order responses in electronically standardized way
  • No integration required
  • No implementation efforts
  • Messages are processed according to TecAlliance business rules
  • Message conversion possible if partner use different formats like EDIfact or ANSI

Technological aspects of the solution:

  • Cloud-based solution available remotely to any market around the world
  • Retrieve and Export (xls/csv) Orders and offer the possibility to create Reverse Messages*
  • Supports different message standards and versions
  • Communication processed via Webservice and reference to your historical data is always available

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Note: *Order response, dispatch advice, invoices