The TecAlliance student workshop

Are you a school pupil keen to know what it is like to use a PC not just for leisure, but to really work with a computer? Then our student workshop is perfect for you! Already awarded the initiative prize of the IHK, the workshop is designed for school pupils aged 14 or above who are interested in a career in IT, specialising in applications development or system integration.

The key details

  • Where? The workshops are held at our site in Weikersheim
  • When? Always in the school holidays and as part of the schools’ career orientation weeks
  • Who? School pupils aged 14 and above, from all types of school
  • How? Apply via the ‘Procedure’ field

Intern worksho:

  • 11.03. – 15.03.2019
  • 28.03.2019 (Girls‘ Day)
  • 01.04. – 05.04.2019
  • 15.04. – 17.04.2019
  • 17.06. – 19.06.2019
  • 28.10. – 30.10.2019

We are pleased to offer intership at other times (BORS/BOGY). “Let us know and we can find a solution together.“

1. Send an application

Send an application for the student workshop of your choice via unsolicited applications

2. Receive a confirmation for the desired workshop

You will receive a confirmation for the desired workshop, provided it is not fully booked out. If the places have already been assigned, you will be offered an alternative date. The confirmation will contain all the important information about the workshop, such as the date and the time it begins.

3. First day of the workshop

On the first day of the workshop, you will arrive at TecAlliance GmbH at 9:00 am, and the “student workshop” adventure will begin.

  • Presentation of company careers/training professions
  • Programming with C#
    • Basics
      • Data types
      • Inputs and outputs in a console application
    • Control structures, loops and arrays
    • Object-oriented programming
    • Windows forms applications
      • Programming a pocket computer
      • Programming a BMI computer
  • Building your own website
    • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Databases
    • Developing database structures
    • Generating SQL inquiries
  • Basic hardware knowledge
    • Interior life of a computer
    • Take apart and put together a computer
    • Bring your own PC online
  • Network technology
    • The topologies
    • The Internet

Sounds interesting? Read here what other workshop participants have said:

“Out if curiosity I went to the  trainee workshop, because I did not know what a professional IT expert does. Now, I know that it is not about playing or surfing the Internet. Here you can learn amazing  things in order to write you own computer program  or build your own homepage. The workshop gave me a good idea about the job.”

Do not forget: TecAlliance also offers individual internships for students. Simply get in touch with us!