If the availability of technical information does not improve, in the future it will prevent independent workshops from carrying out repairs in many cases.

That is why turbocharger specialist BTS Turbo is counting on cooperation with TecRMI to deliver turbocharger original parts and technical information to workshops as well as installation and removal instructions for turbochargers.

The BTS company logo

The BTS company logo

“The turbocharger is ever-present in each workshop and presents a technical challenge every day. There is no diesel engine any more without turbocharging and soon every petrol engine will also have a turbocharger. The failure rates are increasing and so are the problems due to technical complexity”, explains Ferdinand Ücker, Managing Director of BTS Turbo. As an addition to the existing support measures for workshops, such as training packages and technical advisors, BTS now offers installation instructions for turbochargers due to the cooperation with TecRMI. There are technical repair instructions in words and pictures with installation drawings, torque values, labour values and information about special tools. This service prepared by TecRMI will be offered throughout Europe.

A workshop that buys a BTS turbocharger through wholesale and trading channels receives a code on the product packaging that can be used to download and print the information. Workshops have all relevant repair information available from all manufacturers in a standard format. This provides a large degree of security to those who exchange and install turbochargers.

All downloadable information originates directly from automobile manufacturers and is constantly updated. This ensures that the workshop can install and remove the turbocharger correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions –professionally and efficiently. This improves the workshop’s performance, reduces its costs and also enables it to perform difficult repair jobs.  Step by step BTS is delivering installation instructions for automobiles, transporters and commercial vehicles. Now information for the most important 2,200 vehicle models is available.