Even though we at TecAlliance have “gasoline in our blood”, so to speak, sustainability is a big issue for us. 71 employees at our locations in Germany have opted for a clever “company car” with two wheels in the last three years. Through a leasing agreement, we support them in purchasing a bicycle, pedelec or e-bike – a plus for fitness, environment and their own wallets.

The offer is similar to the well-known and proven company car leasing – only with bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes instead of cars. The bike may be used indefinitely: on the way to work, in everyday life, on vacation or for sports. And our employees save up to 40 percent compared to a conventional purchase.

A company bike has even more advantages: Salary conversion reduces income tax and social security contributions, and the commuting allowance to the workplace can also be claimed in Germany. And since 2020, the monetary benefit has been taxable for employees at only 0.25% of the gross list price.

We are pleased that the company bicycle is meeting with great enthusiasm and that we have been able to supplement our wide range of benefits for our employees since 2017. You can find out more about TecAlliance as an employer and training company here: https://www.tecalliance.net/en/career/