As part of its digital strategy, the Berner Group creates a new touchpoint for customers in Germany and France: With immediate effect, products of the B2B wholesaler (1.1 billion euros annual turnover) are listed within the TecDoc catalogue. Automotive professionals from both countries can now find thousands of chemical top sellers, consumables, tools or spare parts easily by se​arching the TecDoc online catalogue.

“Just like us, TecAlliance follows a strongly application-based approach,” says Florian Sommer, Head of Strategic Segment Marketing Mobility at the Berner Group. “In this respect, the partnership is an excellent match.” Through the platform, Berner offers automotive professionals a wide range of all-in-one solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs and specific requirements of their daily business. This covers the most common applications related to work on cars, vans or heavy commercial vehicles – from brake service and tyre changes to electrical maintenance and installation.

Right from the start, Berner’s product portfolio within the TecDoc catalogue includes thousands of articles. In addition to chemical top sellers such as lubricants, vehicle cleaners and rust removers, the range also includes screws, light bulbs, tools, protective workwear and much more. “Our range is constantly being updated and supplemented”, emphasizes Florian Sommer.

When searching within the TecDoc catalogue, automotive professionals benefit above all from the precise identification of the listed articles. Suppliers such as Berner have to meet the requirements and format specifications of the TecDoc standard, which has been a globally recognised seal of quality for product information of the highest quality for over 25 years. Workshop operators access this data with the help of the online catalogue and can clearly identify the right part.

Once the desired product has been found, the customer is then redirected directly to the Berner webshop to complete the ordering process there. “If there are still any queries, you can of course contact us at any time,” Florian Sommer says. “And not only online. Our tele-sales team or our sales representatives are also happy to provide advice.”