Digitization has had a profound impact on business processes for many organizations especially in B2B sectors. More and more companies are adopting various automation technologies to simplify their complex business processes. Technological upgrades are more frequent than ever and the e-commerce platforms are living examples of this fast-paced digital transformation.

Order Manager, the largest B2B e-commerce platform in automotive aftermarket, EU is constantly evolving towards IT modernization. More than 280+ suppliers organizations and 30,000+ buyer organizations are connected to the platform having millions of daily transactions. As well as TecAlliance customer support is available to guide the customers through every technological or process requirements. There’s a huge number of requirements flowing every day on the system. It is often very difficult to streamline the processes on an e-commerce system as the system itself consists of thousands of components.

With a growing number on the platform, the Order Manager team automated some processes for its users, simplifying many of the features.

Command Messages were designed to automate some processes on the platform for the customers. Now, customers can administer many processes by themselves without depending on customer support.

Let’s look at some examples case by case.

Self-administer Business Relations

One of the crucial features to do business on the Order Manager platform for the aftermarket supplier and buyer is to first create a Business Relation between them.  Creating and accepting Business Relations means that the supplier and the buyer are now connected to each other and they have accepted the required terms and conditions individually. Both parties have detailed information about each other and upon acceptance of BR, they are ready to start doing business immediately.

Under the new feature of Business Relation Administration, both the supplier and buyer can set up a business relation by themselves using the WebService Interface. Both parties can search, request or edit the Business Relations without calling for customer support. It is extremely easy and quick with a user-friendly interface within the portal.

Find a business partner and details of supported messages by yourself

Now both suppliers and buyers can search for a business partner connected to Order Manager within the TecAlliance network through Command Messages. This also allows the users to receive information on the supported processes or types of messages used by the business partners.

One can even request for contact details or address updates to the connected business partners.

Create and edit your own Member-Profile

A well-informed Member Profile opens up many opportunities for both supplier and buyer on the platform. One can create and edit their own Member Profile and decide on the displayed information for the other business partners within the network. This is an important reference point for the business partners as they can retrieve more information from the profiles and decides on potential business opportunities.

Additionally, one can update the password, easily lock the endpoints like TecConnect or TomConnect if they have maintenance work on the interface (for example during weekends).