, the leading online marketplace for automotive spare parts in Russia, wants to further strengthen its position and is relying on the TecDoc Catalogue to do so. Alexander Kara, Head of IT Project Development at, explains how the integration of TecDoc data via web services contributes to positive business development.

The Russian online marketplace AUTORUS convinces its customers with a comprehensive offer, a differentiated discount system and favourable conditions. In 2019, for example, sales increased by 20 per cent to RUB 23.45 billion (EUR 263.81 million). The company has established reliable business relationships with many manufacturers of automotive spare parts and an extensive partner network. As a result, the portfolio includes a wide range of quality products.

For TecAlliance, Russia is a very important market because of its size and growth potential. According to the “Association of European Business” (AEB), the association of foreign investors in Russia, the Russian automotive market grew by 5.9% in 2020. More than 1.3 million cars were sold from January to November 2020.

Our sales colleagues from the TecAlliance office in Russia, Alexander Avraamov and Roland Gagulashvili, asked Alexander Kara, Head of IT Project Development at, why the company decided to use TecDoc Catalogue Data for its online portal and what positive effects the company is seeing from the introduction.

Roland (TecAlliance Russia): You are using TecDoc Catalogue data. How did TecAlliance support you in implementation? 

Alexander (AUTORUS): The team from TecAlliance Russia supported us during the entire integration of the TecDoc Catalogue data into our website. They answered technical questions and solved problems. When we noticed that some car models were missing from the TecDoc Catalogue for Russia, the TecAlliance team immediately responded to our feedback and added the data.

Roland (TecAlliance Russia): Where did you implement the data from the TecDoc Catalogue via web services?

Alexander (AUTORUS): The data is used on the website and in our catalogues. A separate directory is We also use it in the directory for batteries , when calculating service costs on , and in the customer’s licensed access Garage (registration required) . We plan to further develop the functionality in our component catalogues for tyres, disks, spare parts for maintenance, oil and liquids, wiper blades, car accessories and car lamps.

Roland (TecAlliance Russia) What are the main advantages you have seen after implementing TecDoc data via webservices into your websites?

Alexander (AUTORUS):

The main advantages of TecAlliance’s TecDoc Web Services are the unique vehicle data with eight attributes as well as product data and cross references. But we also use TecAlliance’s HMD data, which provides vehicle information with more than 50 attributes. These are much more detailed. We use them to create the AUTORUS product catalogue on our websites. Two vehicle databases allow us to link different services on the website into a single ecosystem. This gives us and our customers a high-quality source of product information, applications, photos and dimensions. Our system has become more reliable and stable against failures.

Developing our own vehicle databases would have required at least one full-time employee – we save these costs. Setting up and maintaining the system with product data, corrections and updates would have required at least three more employees.

All these advantages allow us to save money and still offer quality services to our customers when they use our website to search and buy the right products. Customers don’t see all the work and technology behind it because it works so smoothly for them. As a result, the number of users on our website is growing steadily every month.

Roland: What was AUTORUS’s experience with TecAlliance consulting and solutions?

Alexander (AUTORUS): Thanks to the smooth cooperation, all issues that arose during the integration process were resolved promptly. The TecAlliance employees have a lot of experience and provided us with optimal support.

Roland (TecAlliance Russia): Are there plans for international deployment or additional solutions or services?

Alexander (AUTORUS): Currently, we are not planning any international deployment, as we have specialised in the Russian market. But we are interested in providing repair and maintenance information (TecRMI) from TecAlliance to our Russian customers as an additional service.

TecAlliance’ products for online marketplaces like AUTORUS RETAIL LLC

TecDoc Web Services

In 2019, exactly 25 years after the TecDoc standard was established in Western Europe, TecAlliance introduced the TecDoc Catalogue 3.0 and the corresponding Web Services to the Russian market. TecDoc Web Services are easy to use and integrate into your own systems with the help of TecAlliance consultants.

Distributors, dealers and marketplaces around the world benefit from TecDoc Web Services, which can be easily integrated into existing ERP systems and websites. They get a vehicle and spare parts database up and running faster and ensure that the ERP system or website always contains the latest high-quality spare parts and vehicle data. Users can quickly pass on new products and part numbers to their customers while adding their own prices.

TecDoc Web Services support the entire supply chain from manufacturers to wholesalers, retailers and workshops. Adding availability, prices and delivery times based on TecAlliance’s reliable and strong data base further increases customer satisfaction.

TecRMI Data Packages

TecRMI comprises up-to-date and comprehensive repair and maintenance information at all times, which TecAlliance collects, processes and standardises directly from the car manufacturers.

“TecRMI allows repairs to be carried out according to the car manufacturer’s specifications, which means that the manufacturer’s warranty remains intact,” explains Robert Szwed, Managing Director Russia at TecAlliance. “With our TecDoc Web Services and TecRMI Data Packages, online marketplaces like can rely on standardised, high-quality data. They simply don’t have to worry about it anymore. Manufacturers around the world help keep it up to date. Our growth in the Russian market shows that it is definitely worth it,” says Robert Szwed.

Whether you are a workshop owner, a mechanic looking at a car or a phone receptionist, you want to quickly give your customers clear quotes for their repair jobs so that they know what to expect.

  • How long will the work take?
  • How much should I charge for it?
  • Where can I find the wiring diagrams for electrical repairs?
  • How can I deal with vehicle manufacturer recalls?

TecRMI has the answers to all these questions. High-quality service data, labour time values, wiring diagrams, repair instructions and information on recalls support workshops in preparing cost quotations and in repairing vehicles efficiently and to a high standard.

Do you want to digitise your processes to reduce costs and increase turnover? Contact so that together we can find the best possible solution for you.