Spain is the second-largest automotive manufacturing hub in Europe and this industry is one of the main contributors to national GDP. Similarly, Spain is also the fourth biggest component producing country in Europe. Major global suppliers are operating their businesses in Spain, connecting to thousands of parts buyers in the market.

An emerging trend in the aftermarket industry is “digital buying behavior” and Spain has embraced the trend to sustain the disruptive changes in the era of fast moving industrial transformation. Whether it’s a large or medium-sized supplier, every aftermarket player is looking for the opportunity to grow its business and tap every market potential.

Speaking of digital, Order Manager is the largest B2B platform in the European automotive aftermarket space to buy and sell car parts inventories. Here are some buying trends and data noticed on the platform that translates to the entire market.

Approximately 80% of the aftermarket distributors  are using Order Manager to connect to their suppliers.

280+ Suppliers are connected to the platform globally while approximately 70 major suppliers are connected from Spain.

This is an extensive network enabling the market to understand trends and where the business potential lies. Looking back at the previous years, the market has grown manifold.

8 million+ articles have been sold on the Order Manager in 2019 (until Q3) platform, implying a continuous growth for the suppliers connected to the platform, contributing to millions of revenue.

400k+ dispatch advices have been sent via the platform in 2019.

120k + Invoices process alone in 2019.

The Spanish distributors leverage from 900+ connected buyers in the Order Manager platform in Spain. As more and more buyers are connecting, the paradigm shift from traditional to digital aftermarket is happening in real time.

With the rumors of automotive downturn hitting the market, the aftermarket players are continuously trying to save on the costs and looking for opportunities to sell through consolidated platforms. A connected digital platform helps every entity to reduce manual efforts, which saves time and money in the long run.

How are the Spanish aftermarket suppliers and distributors gaining competitive advantages and bringing inventories faster to their customers?

Madrid is the most saturated and most competitive market for aftermarket suppliers in Spain. The key market challenge, growing into a trend is to be “faster to market”. Every customer demands product information and delivery faster due to increased end-consumer expectation.

A distributor connected to Order Manager platform receives information in real-time on product inventories from his suppliers and hence, can send the parts to their customers much faster than the market time.

Did you know?

One of the large distributors in the Madrid area takes just 40 mins to market their products to their customers. This is a huge competitive advantage as the distributor is connected to Order Manager and gains every market leverage from the platform.

As a result, the distributor is a preferred choice for the buyers in the Spanish aftermarket.

All the facts and figures from the largest connected marketplace, Order Manager indicate a clear trend in the Spanish automotive aftermarket – i.e. Selling more and more through the digital platform.

Most of the major and medium-sized buyers, connected to the platform are having a majority of their businesses on the Order Manager platform. For example, one of the largest Spanish distributors Reynasa has approx. 62% of the annual buying volume from only 22% of the connected suppliers on Order Manager.

Indeed, the distributor prefers more business opportunities on the platform due to added advantages. As a result, his annual business volume is growing on the platform.

The suppliers connected on Order Manager, on the other hand, enjoys huge turnover as the distributors prefer doing business online.

Likewise, the large distributors realize the advantages and seek more and more connected suppliers to Order Manager.

The growth in business volume is consistent on the platform. The technology features of Order Manager, customizable to different company needs make it the single largest B2B platform in the Spanish Aftermarket.

As automotive aftermarket experts, we are continuously thriving to help our customers thus the markets to a sustainable future.