In the highly dynamic automotive aftermarket with its constantly shortening delivery times and increasing cost pressure, suppliers and traders face the challenge of keeping item and price information up to date automatically. With Collaborative Managed Data (previously TecCMD), TecAlliance offers a solution that suppliers can use to provide parts traders with targeted automated information on customer-specific product portfolios and prices. Numerous changes have been implemented in the new version 2.3.

Automated preparation of item and price information

Thanks to CMD, parts dealers can reduce errors that arise when entering item, price and logistical data, receive up-to-date price data from the supplier to optimise price calculation, and improve warehouse planning with up-to-date logistical data. Collaborative Managed Data is independent of the ERP systems of suppliers and retailers. Item and/or price information is downloaded from the platform automatically or via the Collaborative Managed Data Web Client in CSV, XLSX or XML format.

New version 2.3 available with many new features

In version 2.3, the design of the Collaborative Managed Data client has been adapted to the new TecAlliance look. Another new feature is the option for parts dealers to individually define the scope of information in the download file for items and prices. Of particular interest to users of the TecAlliance Order Web solution is the ability to access general item information from the CMD database, such as weight and packaging information, during the order process in Order Web. The integration of the CMD data helps purchasers to avoid placing incorrect orders.

Workshop provides support in incorporating CMD

For parts dealers and suppliers who are interested in incorporating CMD, TecAlliance offers a workshop where the Consulting and Implementation Department examines the professional and technical requirements of the company in question in a structured manner. This information is used to draw up a detailed tailored plan to incorporate CMD.

Further information on the CMD solution is available on the TecAlliance website.

For version 2.3, the Collaborative Managed Data client has been adapted to the new TecAlliance design.