Cologne, April 28, 2020 – Anja Heinl, Managing Director of ATH-Heinl, sees growth opportunities for workshop equipment despite currently declining sales figures. In addition to the digitisation of products, she is focusing on service and fast spare parts delivery.

In a TecAlliance Aftermarket Podcast, Heinl says that the increase in electromobility and the simultaneous decline in individual mobility with a trend toward sharing will ultimately have a negative impact on workshop equipment suppliers. ASA statistics show declining sales figures in the replacement procurement market. “Electric cars need far fewer spare parts, and manufacturers are already implementing remote maintenance concepts. Models such as those in the bodywork sector, where the insurance company selects the workshop, are being expanded,” says Heinl. In the tyre sector, the higher acceleration of electric vehicles will increase wear and tear. All types of vehicles will continue to use a hydraulic lift for repairs, but ultimately the market will become smaller. “It is important for workshop equipment suppliers to be present in the market and to continue to invest in their products. Especially in the medium price segment, further growth is possible through good service and the speedy supply of spare parts,” says Heinl.

According to the family business owner, digitisation will be an important differentiator for workshop equipment suppliers in the long term. For example, ATH-Heinl is working on a completely new control concept that will allow data from machines in use to be called up for remote maintenance. In this way, a technician can arrive at the customer site in time to avoid a breakdown. “For such concepts, however, there must be demand from the workshops. The necessary infrastructure is still missing, but the digitisation of independent workshops will proceed faster in the coming years. For us, nationwide demand is important for such innovations, because we always want to offer our products at advantageous price-performance ratios,” explains Heinl.

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