It was time again for brand-new insights from leading automotive parts suppliers and technology companies at the AASA Technology Conference! Three days full of exciting presentations, hands-on use cases and high-quality panel discussions. More than 200 attendees from 110 companies experienced North Americas’ leading conference on future technology and automotive trends at the Boca Raton Resort & Club in Boca Raton, Florida on September 29 – October 1.

We played a significant part in this excellent annual event as a “Technology Conference Sponsor”. The conference showcased the latest technologies in the motor vehicle industry and their impact on the aftermarket. It was all about business processes, part data, vehicle data and connected & smart part technologies. Key topics for 2019 included discussions on data privacy, commercial vehicle technology, digital aftermarket products, bridging OE and aftermarket technologies as well as innovative models for using vehicle data.

“Ongoing technological innovations in the automotive sector will create new opportunities for aftermarket companies to grow globally. In close collaboration with our customers, we develop industry solutions for the automotive aftermarket and optimise these continuously according to customer needs. We are proud that we have teams of OptiCat and JNPSoft on board, which brings us a lot of aftermarket expertise,” says Jürgen Mehlis, EVP Data Management Product & Sales at TecAlliance.

What else was on the agenda? The event also included a half-day program of three sessions focused on specific areas of Technology: Heavy Duty, Marketing and Information Technology. This year’s demonstrations included robotics, 3D printing and retrofit ADAS.

The annual AASA Technology Conference offers aftermarket suppliers and aftermarket channel partners the opportunity to network with fellow suppliers and key customers. Its format allows them to discuss key technology issues and the latest developments in an open dialogue.

About our host:

The Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) represents the North American Aftermarket supplier industry and supports 871,000 American jobs. The association is recognised as one of the nation’s strongest and most prominent trade organisations with more than 100 years of experience – promoting a collaborative industry environment, providing a forum to address issues and serving as a valued resource for members. AASA’s mission is to help the aftermarket suppliers to be more profitable, innovative & competitive on a global scale.

What are the characteristics of the North American automotive aftermarket?

North America and Europe make up the largest part of the global automotive aftermarket. Both are mature markets; growth was only in the 1 to 2 percent range over the last two decades. Based on research by McKinsey, this modest growth is expected to continue, leading to revenue of approximately EUR 340 billion in North America and approximately EUR 300 billion in Europe in 2030. Another trend is the further acceleration of industry consolidation and integration. The more developed an aftermarket, the higher the consolidation of players at the trade level. Most global aftermarkets will follow the same consolidation path as the US and Europe. An example of this is the top four wholesalers in the US: they have a market share of around 50 percent.

From left to right Bryan Thueson, Blake Barson (OptiCat) , Fernando Murguia, Marc Poulsen (OptiCat), Jürgen Mehlis und Chris Tzul (JNP Soft)

From left to right Bryan Thueson, Blake Barson (OptiCat) , Fernando Murguia, Marc Poulsen (OptiCat), Jürgen Mehlis und Chris Tzul (JNP Soft)