In the era of digital transformation, the industry is seeking more and more optimized processes. While the larger companies going under mainstream technical upgrades, the smaller and medium-sized companies are suffering to keep up with the pace.

Digitization is happening across platforms but how much does it impact the cost savings?

Traditionally, the claim generation is a mainstream process involving a long paper form. Whether its healthcare or insurance industry, most of them have moved from a paper-claim generation method to digital methods. Depending on the needs, some industries use OCR technologies to digitally document the plethora of data and some use a fully-integrated digital system.

The automotive industry is pretty much the flag-bearer for digital transformations. While the industry is leading changes, some of its sectors are yet to become future-ready. A major part of the independent automotive aftermarket is the end-customers i.e. garages, workshops, etc.

Especially, if we look at the warranty management line, the end-customers need a much more stream-lined connection and digital processes to reduce the manual work.

Claim generation is an integral part of warranty management.

Historically, the claims are raised on 2-3 pages of the paper depending on the need.

Here are some broadly experienced challenges with the paper claims

  • Non-fulfillment of mandatory data
  • Unmanaged claim form
  • Typically takes 10 mins+ to fill up a claim form
  • Efforts to match part data and describing the same in the paper form
  • Misinformation
  • Excessive manual efforts
  • Engaging in delivery time and cost
  • Chances of no-delivery or not receiving the paper forms

Some challenges faced by the suppliers upon receiving paper-claims

  • Managing all the paper claims from different distributors/traders
  • No information on mandatory fields
  • Non-readable claim forms
  • Longer time to match the data on the paper form with the order details
  • Adding all the claim data electronically from the paper form
  • Excessive manual efforts
  • Delay in delivery
  • Errors in manual input
  • Too much of time engaged
  • Increased man-hour and labor cost
  • Chances of misplacing a paper-claim form

Here’s the SOLUTION to optimize the claim generation

Claim creation just under 3 mins!

Can you imagine creating a claim under 3 mins and having every data-point added electronically?

Warranty and Returns of Order Manager, a solution from TecAlliance, brings the ultimate leverage of automotive aftermarket expertise. Warranty and Returns module helps the aftermarket players to optimize their warranty management and returns processes.

The module uses aftermarket specific digitized claim forms. A responsible person needs only 3 mins to generate a claim, reducing huge amounts of manual efforts, cost and time. On the other hand, it’s a huge opportunity for the suppliers to receive digital forms, having all the required data added and managed under the one system for every distributor/trader or end-customer.

No more, a supplier needs to manage claims on different systems from their customers.

Added advantages with Warranty and Returns module:

For the distributors/garages/workshops

  • User-friendly easy claim forms
  • Need approx. only 3mins to generate a claim
  • Real-time delivery of the claim-generation to distributor/trader’s systems
  • Understand the mandatory information to avoid back.-and-forth claim management
  • Reduced manual effort and time
  • Fewer chances of errors and miscommunications
  • Digital reference to claim data
  • Possibility to take photos of the parts via smartphone and directly upload them to digital claims

For the suppliers/distributors

  • Receive digital claim forms
  • No chances of misplacement of claim data
  • Claims from every trader/end-customer in one digital system
  • Easy to manage and process on the claims further
  • Digital reference of order information matching with claim data
  • Reduced manual efforts
  • Easy to manage work-volume
  • Reduced engagement time
  • Savings on process costs
  • Reduced man-hours
  • Decisions on claim sent by the same system to a distributor/end-customer
  • Real-time information on problems faced by the customers

Support climate protection and reduce paper usage:

Additionally, any kind of consistent paper usage is a threat to climate protection. The huge network of aftermarket industry still relies on paper claim forms, unaware of the climate threats. A paper form could be mandatory for many business processes, but we can reduce the usage whenever possible. If one single part of the warranty value chain reduces on paper usage, the results translate to bigger benefits.

It is highly important to understand the correlation between the usage of paper and deforestation due to the production of large volume of papers. Reportedly, 4billion trees are cut globally every year to produce paper.

There are thousands of small-medium workshops, garages, wholesalers and even large traders who use paper forms to raise and process a claim in the automotive aftermarket.

Typically, a medium-sized supplier gets around 30,000 claims / year and imagine the amount of paper usage, cost, time and efforts involved in these kinds of claims.

Transforming the claim management to industry standards would play a huge role to combat climate change.

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