Automechanika Shanghai (AMS), the biggest international aftermarket event of the year, has been quite a success for us. The global TecAlliance family teamed-up to demonstrate the latest developments of our well-known industry solutions for the international aftermarket community. Matthias Moritz, our Managing Director Asia, looks back at a more than positive event: “We are overwhelmed with our presence at AMS. The sheer interest in our solutions was impressive. Our booth was packed with people every day. It quite felt like every single one of the 160.000 visitors stepped by. We nurtured ties with our exciting customers as well as having the possibility to demonstrate our strong product portfolio to key players of the Chinese aftermarket. Thumbs up to our local team for pulling it off & thanks to our international colleagues for the great support during the show.”

Jürgen Buchert, our CEO, underlines the great team effort: “I was very impressive to see how our international teams are working hand in hand to provide the best experience possible. Internationalisation in general is our unique selling point. At AMS it became pretty clear that we are not just a strong and reliable local partner but the go-to solution to expand business globally.”

In case you didn’t have the chance to be in Shanghai early December, here’s a rundown of our Top5 facts that made Automechanika Shanghai truly remarkable:

#1 Taking the chance that everybody is in town

Since most of the participants of AMS arrive early we took the chance to show some hospitality with our customer event at our Shanghai office just a day before Automechanika kicked-off. 50 of our partners visited and enjoyed being able to dive deep into the latest additions and developments of our product portfolio. Our local team came up with a great open house concept, there was no tight program, customers just popped in & out according to their own schedule – a great idea we are going to expand globally!

#2 AMS is the international aftermarket melting pot

The event brings together global industry players from the entire automotive supply chain each year to participate and expand their business on a global scale. In recent years, the trade fair has proven to be an ideal platform to showcase innovative solutions and products in China and the East Asian market. The 15th edition featured over 6,300 exhibitors and 50 fringe events. Our growing recognition in China and the East Asian market results in a record number of visitors in recent years. Watch the throne Automechanika Frankfurt!

#3 Our portfolio is a rich toolbox fulfilling every need of the community

We gave first-hand presentations of the product information management software “PartCat” of TecAlliance Canada, headquartered in Montreal. Visitors were impressed by its data services and vehicle data management capabilities. Our team explained how to centralize all catalog information in a single repository and maintain it in in-sync with the latest ACES, PIES and NAPA standards. Many visitors from China, Korea, Japan and South-East Asia were all particularly interested in our well-known solutions such as the China E-Catalog (Web, WeChat, App). The structured, standard web catalog format offered in China and Asia Pacific is based on the TecDoc Standard and contains China-specific vehicle and item information, the TecAlliance China-ID. A data pool that is specially modified to meet the needs of the Chinese market already contains extensive replacement part information & and is being expanded continuously.

#4 (Not) big enough

“China is a big enough market with endless possibilities” – that is a sentence we heard a lot by our customers within the recent years. Times are changing and many companies are now also focusing on expanding their business abroad. No matter if they are planning to enter South-East Asia, Russia, Africa, the US or Europe, we’ve got them covered. We are the international partner for Chinese aftermarket businesses. That is something which became pretty clear because our teams from Germany, Russia, Africa, Australia, North America, South-East-Asia & Korea teamed-up for AMS answering questions first-hand and demonstrated their respective solutions.

#5 Strong automotive aftermarket community

How to strengthen the competitiveness of the international IAM on a long-term basis? Our goal is to improve networking among all market participants in the global automotive aftermarket and further intensifying digital collaboration across borders and companies with our well-known standards and solutions. Our presence at AM Shanghai is a fantastic opportunity to enter into an active dialogue with customers and to monitor the development of the regional markets. This helps to exhaust the great potential for growth in the entire region.