Efficient order processing: Jiménez Maña integrates seamlessly with TecCom Order

Jiménez Maña Recambios can look back on an impressive history of more than 80 years. The company is based in Seville and is part of the renowned AD Parts Group. With over 50 sales outlets in the provinces of Seville, Cadiz, Cordoba and Huelva, Jiménez Maña has established itself as a leading supplier of automotive spare parts in the region. Thanks to its high degree of specialization, the company can offer its customers a wide range of products.

More than 10 years ago, Jiménez Maña decided to use our TecCom platform. This decision was made because TecCom provides access to a wide range of suppliers with whom Jiménez Maña has regular business relationships. Our platform enables the company to process orders more efficiently and maintain an overview of the entire procurement process, from inquiry of availability to order and related documents like dispatch advice or invoice.

Today, Corporación Jiménez Maña is a family group of companies that integrates a set of companies serving the automotive and commercial vehicle spare parts industry, through the development of business lines and companies that are specialists and benchmarks in their sectors, such as: Logistic Automotive, Selling Motor, Selling Madrid Centro, Ad Málaga and EuroRecambios del Camión. Through this project, these companies have also been integrated through TecCom with their suppliers.

The reception of these orders at the Jiménez Maña Corporation’s warehouses and distribution to end customers is carried out by another company of the corporation, Pick & Pack Systems, which uses the ARCOnexo software, ERP and WMS developed in its entirety by the IT area of the Jiménez Maña Corporation.

In the world of automotive aftermarket, efficiency plays a crucial role. Companies like Jiménez Maña therefore rely on innovative solutions to provide their customers with a first-class service. One important development in this area is the integration of the TecCom solution.

Now the company has taken a further step and opted for full integration with TecCom via the TecCom Comfort Order webservice.

The decision to fully integrate offers Jiménez Maña three key benefits:

  1. Increase in the efficiency of processes:
    Without TecCom Jiménez Maña had to search for information and make inquiries on each vendor’s website. After total integration with TecCom Order, this time-consuming process is now a thing of the past and can process orders automatically. The entire process, from inquiring/ordering to delivery and invoicing, is optimized and accelerated. This allows the company to use its resources more efficiently and focus on other business aspects.
  2. Improved service for customers:
    As a result of the integration with TecCom Order, Jiménez Maña can offer its customers improved service. Automated order processing ensures faster delivery of spare parts and transparent communication about the status of orders. Customers can thus rely on an efficient and reliable service.
  3. Collaboration with suppliers:
    TecCom greatly facilitates communication and collaboration with Jiménez Maña’s suppliers. Full integration with TecCom Order allows orders to be exchanged seamlessly between Jiménez Maña and its suppliers. In addition to Jiménez Maña, 6 other companies in the group work with TecCom. Each company has an elevated number of suppliers connected through TecCom.

In conclusion, Jiménez Maña’s decision to make full use of TecCom Order represents an important step towards more efficient processes and better customer service. By integrating with TecCom Order, the company benefits from automated order processes, improved customer relations and smooth collaboration with suppliers. Jiménez Maña is thus well equipped to meet the demands of the highly competitive automotive aftermarket and provide its customers with first-class service.