Quick and easy digital service book entry with TecRMI

An increasing number of vehicle manufacturers are offering the service book in a digital form to store all maintenance and service work online. The digitalised documentation prevents manipulation; consumers thus benefit from greater transparency. However, it also results in additional efforts for independent workshops. With the help of the solution TecRMI Service Book, online service book entries can be carried out in a standardised and manufacturer-compliant way with simply a few clicks.

Support for digital service book entries for a variety of vehicle manufacturers

The TecRMI Service Book offers a standardised and simple process for recording online service book entries for currently 14 vehicle manufacturers. The product is available for the German market at the moment, but the digital service book entry will also be supported in other countries in the near future.

With the help of the application, the performed maintenance work can be recorded quickly and regardless of the manufacturer according to a standardised process. The transmitted entries are furthermore technically validated by our TecRMI automotive specialists and transferred to the vehicle manufacturer portals. Workshops thus benefit from time and cost savings due to the reduced administrative effort. In addition, manufacturer compliance is ensured thanks to the TecRMI data.

Easy access & process of service book entries

The TecRMI Service Book can be accessed as a web application using a PC or mobile device via the browser. A dashboard displays all entries that have been carried out to this point, as well as accessed service histories.

Vehicle identification is supported by an intelligent search using the vehicle identification number (VIN). Data entry follows a process that is standardised across all vehicle manufacturers. Based on the integrated TecRMI repair and maintenance data, a selection of manufacturer-compliant main and additional service work is available for the selected vehicle. Finally, an overview of the created process is displayed, which can be transmitted to TecRMI for carrying out the entry.

TecRMI Service Book leads to time and cost savings

The TecRMI Service Book is the central point of contact for entering maintenance work in the vehicle manufacturer’s digital service book. Thanks to the standardised processes, the entry is structured in the same way for each vehicle manufacturer. In addition, a internal service history is available. Users of the application benefit from reduced administrative work and thus from an increase in efficiency as well as cost and time savings.

Possible connection to own systems

Own catalogue or ERP systems can be connected to the TecRMI Service Book via a shopping basket interface. The best possible increase in efficiency can be achieved if TecRMI data is already used for order calculation. By using the TecRMI shopping basket interface, all information on vehicle identification, order data, main and additional service work and spare parts are automatically pre-filled. The shopping cart interface thus leads to optimised processes and increased efficiency due to faster entry.

Plausibility check for quality assurance

The TecRMI Service Book allows you to compare the daily invoiced job sheets with your TecRMI Service Book entries. Billed cases identified as relevant but not recorded in TecRMI Service Book are created automatically in the dashboard. The workshop is then requested by e-mail to validate and complete the process. The TecRMI Service Book thus ensures that all necessary digital service book entries are carried out and prevents possible value reduction at the time of vehicle remarketing.

More information is available at: https://www.tecalliance.net/tecrmi-service-book/