Detailed Forecasts

Following up on our previous mailing, which introduced a chapter on forecasts, we would like to delve a little deeper now with the introduction of forecasting on a detailed level. The major difference now is that forecasts will focus on our 50+ attributes including make and model whereas before the analysis occurred on a coarse, general level. Depending on the agreed upon subscription, in the near future it will be possible to add detailed forecast data to the already available CarParc figures. The forecast figures will be integrated in all of our products and in particular our automotive portal autostats4all. For a preview of forecasted figures for Germany, please click the following link: Forecast VIO + Sales

CarParc data until 1st half 2013 + preview full year

We have released the CarParc data with sales including the first half of 2013 to our customers. In our next delivery, we will be offering the CarParc data for the full year 2013.

Heavy Duty vehicles country expansion to 36

We have expanded our total number of countries with heavy duty truck CarParc data to a grand total of 36. Headline can proudly announce that we are currently covering the most of Europe with regards to Heavy Duty trucks. The countries that have been added include:

The essence of AutoStats4All

Recently, we launched our automotive AutoStats4All portal to our customers.