Automechanika Messe Frankfurt 2014

Headline was present at the Automechanika Messe this year, the most important and professional trade show for the automotive sector. The floor was buzzing with activity and we are glad that we were a part of it. At Headline, we have a commitment to always deliver the highest quality of work imaginable, but to see that dedication and passion acknowledged by the companies we spoke with, remains encouraging and very rewarding indeed. For many more years to come, we will let that enthusiasm, as we have always done, be our guiding light, to do even better, to earn the privilege to continue to be your preferred vendor of automotive data and software services.

Automotive Report 2014

We are proud to announce that we have released our Automotive Report 2014. This latest iteration will be familiar to all of you, but features a number of subtle alterations and improvements that we hope you’ll agree will attest to an even higher level of excellence than before. Furthermore, the automotive and demographic data, now updated with 2013 figures, maintains the same rigorous level of quality that our customers expect from us. The Automotive Report provides clear insight into a perpetually evolving, fascinating and challenging market and is your ticket to analyzing, understanding and ultimately conquering that same market. For more info, please contact Mr. Camiel Cobben or Mr. Alexander Rasera.

Headline Brochure 2014 – 2015

In addition to our new Automotive Report 2014, we have also updated our Headline brochure to reflect some of the changes inside the company such as our plans to introduce new segments – of which we will reveal more with a consecutive mailing later this year – and future plans and developments.  Other pages have undergone a merely cosmetic change, but we trust you will agree the results are visually pleasing and an improvement on the already accomplished previous edition.  To acquaint yourself with Headline, its products and services, the brochure remains your ideal starting point.

Customer Survey New Countries

The grand total of countries for which Headline offers automotive data equals 70. Although the nations on offer include some of the biggest markets encapsulating all major continents, at Headline we began to ask ourselves the following questions: “What if we were to place the initiative into the hands of our customers?” followed by “Which new countries, that were not already included in the original 70, would you like to see covered by Headline?” The result is our soon-to-be-released survey wich will hopefully provide a trajectory, a pathway to expansion that will benefit Headline, but above all, you, our customers.

Headline – Elcome Alliance

Headline is thrilled to announce a partnership with Elcome, one of the leading providers of Automotive data management software.  Elcome’s proprietary RAS (Range Analysis System) application is a versatile and intuitive data analysis tool that, amongst numerous other qualities, affords users the possibility to perform a GAP and Range extension analysis by directly comparing your own data with competitor figures.  Coupled with Headline’s fully specified (70+ vehicular attributes!) global CarParc data – we cover 70 countries worldwide as well as a diverse range of aftermarket product groups with TecDoc linkages – the RAS system becomes your greatest ally in the competitive automotive market.

This alliance will further cement our positions in the automotive aftermarket as new customers might feel an incentive to seek out Elcome and Headline as potential new partners in the field of Automotive data management software and CarParc data respectively.  As we are both exploring exhilarating new possibilities, it is encouraging to know that we can share and combine our resources and knowledge into an even greater whole.  At Headline, we look forward to the road ahead, as we are embarking on an exciting new adventure.