Headline would like to take a moment to wish all of you a wonderful 2015. May it be a fantastic year and may you find fulfillment in all facets of life. Certainly in your work, but also with regards to your dear and near ones. Headline is proud to be given the chance to continue this journey with all of you and in 2015, as we have done before, we will once more do our very best to earn that privilege.

Headline-Wolk After Sales Experts GmbH Partnership

We are excited to announce a promising new partnership with Wolk after sales experts GmbH, an automotive information and consulting services provider with 30 years of experience in the field. Wolk after sales experts GmbH has been analyzing the automotive aftermarket in detail for the past 3 decades while simultaneously offering their customers support in the implementation of projects all the way to the completion phase. With a focus on car service, car parts and accessories, tires, glass, chemicals and equipment, Wolk after sales experts GmbH is a major player in the automotive aftermarket. Headline, meanwhile, has always prided itself on their fully specified make and model vehicle database. Thanks to more than 60 vehicular attributes, and linkages to multiple OE article groups and articles, Headline is able to define the car parc for 70 countries worldwide on a very precise and detailed level. With over 1 billion vehicles covered, and historical records going as far back as 1930, our fully specified make and model database is the most complete vehicle database in the world. Thanks to this exciting new alliance, we can look forward to learning from each other, pooling our resources and reaping the benefits of what promises to be an enduring and mutually beneficial collaboration.

Preview Heavy Duty (≥ 7.5 tons) Sales 1st Half 2014

Starting from February 2015, we will be able to offer heavy duty sales data for the first half of 2014 for 36 European countries. In addition to a preview of these 36 nations, which you can find below, we would like to invite you to click the following link for a complete list of Headline’s 36 bestselling heavy duty countries: Sales Heavy Duty 1st Half 2014

New Data Delivery As Of February 9th + New Country Ecuador

From February 9th, we will be making available the new sales data for the first half of 2014 for the 70 countries that Headline offers. This data, as before, will be integrated into the next update of the autostats4all portal. In addition, we would like to take this opportunity to announce the arrival of a brand new country to Headline’s portfolio and that is, as the title already revealed, Ecuador. We are always looking for opportunities to increase our service and product range to be able to provide our customer a strategic advantage. At the moment, we have begun the data collection process and readying our software and systems for the integration of this South American country. When we are ready to roll out our automotive data for Ecuador, we will communicate this during the course of 2015.