Comma, Moove’s aftermarket lubricant brand, joins TecDoc!

The Comma portfolio will be available in the TecDoc Catalogue to its more than 50k users! Petra Märzinger, Moove Europe Product Manager, gave us insights into Moove’s products and strategy for the Aftermarket.

Comma is Moove’s leading lubricant brand for the aftermarket

At Moove, we manage a wide-ranging portfolio of products and brands, serving different channels. Moove’s leading lubricants brand for the aftermarket channel is Comma. With its long-standing British heritage and excellent reputation, we are looking to expand Comma’s brand awareness and market share on an international level.

Comma is available throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, through Moove’s strong network of distribution partners. Comma products are manufactured to the highest standards using the finest raw materials – every litre is engineered to give installers and consumers maximum confidence and peace of mind.

The lubricants industry has seen tough challenges

Like so many sectors, the lubricants industry has been impacted in the last 24 – 36 months by consecutive supply-side challenges. We have fought to maintain continuity and supply availability – formulations, approvals and specification profiles have to be maintained. Given the coverage of products and brands within the Moove portfolio, our global supply-chain strategy and close customer partnerships, we’ve found very effective ways to minimize the impact of these supply-side constraints on our customers’ businesses.

As well as maintaining a high level of service, we continue to ensure access to the latest lubricant technologies for the Comma brand.

International Expansion

Moove has continued its focus on international expansion. In 2022 we announced the acquisition of PetroChoice in North America, with its 750 employees and more than 240mn litres of lubricants sold annually.

Joining TecDoc

We believe that a collaboration with TecDoc will be instrumental in achieving Moove’s objectives. It can transform potential customers into buyers by making the Comma portfolio available in TecDoc to its over 50K users. TecDoc is globally recognised as the quality standard in the aftermarket; it is also considered the world’s largest catalogue, established and developed in Europe. To Moove it offers our key target audience, independent workshops, and the ideal end-to-end system for accurate engine oil selection. This is critical in an era of ever-advancing lubricant technology, with extremely low viscosities and stringent emission targets.

 “Keep it Simple” for independent workshops – one engine oil for each vehicle

With our ambition of trying to “keep it simple” for independent workshops by recommending only one engine oil for each vehicle, TecDoc membership allows us detailed vehicle parc analysis, making sure we recommend the most appropriate engine oils to our customers – taking into consideration age, geography and engine oil specification profile, expertly matched against OEM specification requirements.

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