CEI joins TecDoc to increase global recognition

CEI looks back at a long tradition in the automotive industry. For over 50 years the Bologna, Italy-based company has been producing spare parts for buses and commercial vehicles of major manufacturers like Mercedes, Scania, MAN, Volvo, Renault, DAF, and Iveco.

By joining TecDoc as a data supplier, CEI is now present in the TecDoc Catalogue with its wide range of spare parts for gearbox and differential repairs, as well as a wide selection of undercarriage components. CEI benefits from the global accessibility and availability of the TecDoc Catalogue to increase the value and recognition of its brand worldwide.

Ambitious in the automotive aftermarket

The Aftermarket is consolidating in the automotive repair service sector. Users are very price-conscious but do not want to miss out on the quality of original equipment manufacturers(OEMs). CEI products are designed and manufactured using the same technologies used by OEMs and are subjected to rigorous testing to measure their performance and reliability.

Given CEI’s ambitions in the automotive aftermarket, it was a logical step for CEI to become a TecDoc data supplier.

“TecDoc has always been a pioneer in the collection and dissemination of data, starting with CDs and DVDs and moving to today’s most popular web portal,” says Elisabetta Boni, CEO of CEI Group.

“The TecDoc platform has been one of the world’s leading vehicle and spare parts catalogues for over 20 years. Workshops and spare parts dealers use it to easily identify spare parts and market them effectively. In this field, we can boast of being among the few to offer transmission and differential components for industrial vehicles”, she adds.

Combining the rise of digitisation with experience

Like many other sectors, the aftermarket is going through innovation and change dictated by digitisation.

However, CEI believes that it is essential to combine digital systems with the technical support, skills, and experience of people working in the business for decades.

To increase its online visibility, CEI has its website and uses social media channels to engage with customers. In addition, CEI is developing its product portal, which offers not only the possibility to search for products by their original code but also a real catalogue with component-by-component drawings similar to the originals. This ensures that customers have all the information they need for a complete and correct repair job.

Although further developments in e-commerce cannot be excluded, CEI weighs each decision carefully to keep the balance stable within its dealer network.

Looking ahead

With over five decades of experience in the market, CEI continues to take the necessary steps to consolidate its achieved results and maintain its progress.

This approach has enabled CEI to overcome all challenges, even the most difficult ones, such as globalisation, financial crises, and the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

Following last year’s merger of CEI with LEMA, the manufacturer took perhaps the most ambitious step in its history. By integrating competencies and sharing the know-how gained through this partnership, the company aims to further improve its quality and service standards.

This is an important step towards establishing a new Italian parts centre, for which CEI is planning further developments.

Get more information about CEI at: www.cei.it