Bosch Russia optimises their processes with our Order Manager platform

Bosch is one of our co-founders and also longtime shareholder. Data-driven business in Russia is catching up fast and it becomes clear that providers need to serve their value chain best by providing slimline order processes and high-quality data. In our interview Alexandra Zagryadskaya, specialist for auto spare parts and diagnostic equipment ordering services at Robert Bosch Ltd. in Russia, explains how Robert Bosch OOO in Russia relies on TecAlliance’ Order Manager to optimize their ordering processes.

Which TecAlliance solutions is Bosch currently using in Russia?

We rely on TecAlliance Order Manager, a platform for placing customer orders and processing product availability queries.

Why did you decide to use the Order Manager platform?

With 3,500 Bosch sales employees providing turnover of 1.2 billion euros in Russia, we are continuously looking for ways to become more efficient. We had heard about the success with the TecAlliance Order Manager platform from our Bosch colleagues in other countries. Our technical specialists also received positive feedback from their connections with Bosch.

What advantages do you see for Bosch and your customers, the Russian traders and wholesalers, from using Order Manager?

For us, the key benefits are a simple and straightforward platform interface, the ability to place orders 24/7, user-friendly software, and full integration with our ERP system. The use of TecAlliance’s Order Manager improves the quality of our customer service. Our customers are happy to receive automatic order confirmations almost immediately, wherever they may be and at any time.  This saves the resources of dedicated specialists for us and our customers throughout Russia and CIS.

The big advantage of working with the Order Manager platform is that it is the industry standard because it has hundreds of brands behind it. Traders are happy when they can use one platform for all their suppliers. The platform is being continuously developed based on the input of suppliers and traders.

Alexandra Zagryadskaya – Bosch Ltd. Russia

What was your experience with TecAlliance’s solutions and consulting services?

Since we heard about the good cooperation between Bosch and TecAlliance in other countries we were eager to profit from the excellent relationship as well. In fact, the technical support provided by TecAlliance Russia and Germany has always been prompt and competent. Our experience has been exceptionally positive, expanding our relationship.

The TecAlliance team was a great help. They helped in creating customer profiles and connecting to our partners’ systems. In fact, the transition to the use of this product was quick and most effective.

How was the project implemented?

The first step for us was to connect our customers across Russia. Today, 100 percent of Bosch’s major dealers use the TecAlliance platform. Then we moved on to connect our partners from Belarus and Ukraine, as well as from the countries in Central Asia and the Caucasus step by step.

In which additional TecAlliance solutions or services are you interested?

We plan to deliver shipping documents, i.e. order confirmations, dispatch advices and invoices, to our partners via the TecAlliance solution. That will increase our and their efficiency even further.

How do you see the future cooperation between Bosch and TecAlliance in Russia?

Bosch has a long history in Russia, first delivering products in 1904. Now we have seven production sites here. TecAlliance is a mature company in their young field. We look forward to further growth together with TecAlliance. All signs are positive because the companies are both technology leaders and have a lot in common.

Our international B2B platform helps to handle all order-to-invoice processes also across borders and fosters suppliers’ and distributors’ international success.

The Order Manager is a great tool to increase business. If a parts supplier becomes part of the Order Manager platform, he can tap the entire customer base throughout all his sales regions. New tools like Entry Supply Web, the Rollout Tool and the self-management of business relations make it even easier for both suppliers and buyers to integrate all their business partners into the one platform.

Connectivity is one of the decisive factors for future success in the automotive aftermarket. And the Order Manager is the major tool to connect customers and manufacturers. This connecting chain is very important if they want to succeed in the future.

Are you also interested in automating your order-to-invoice processes to reduce costs and increase sales? Get in touch with at TecAlliance Russia so that we can work together to find the best-possible solution for you.