Become a Cloud Engineer at TecAlliance  

Digitisation, new mobility concepts and globalisation are not theoretical megatrends but the heart of our thinking and actions. At TecAlliance, technology specialists and automotive experts work together to successfully digitise and shape the future of the independent automotive aftermarket.

With data-driven solutions and comprehensive consulting services for effective and efficient business processes, we help our customers to secure their competitiveness.

In this age of digital transformation, information is becoming increasingly complex. The amount and scope of available knowledge, processes and data continue to increase. The volume of data to be processed is constantly growing. This development presents us with new challenges. As a full-service provider of data, services and processes, the successful processing of data is our daily business and the essential basis of our success.

We confidently accept these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that come with change and transformation. On the one hand, we can rely on experts who have mastered the handling of large amounts of data with the help of new and powerful IT solutions, such as our Data Engineers and Data Analysts. On the other hand, digital transformation for us means, for example, no longer relying on our own local IT infrastructure.

Instead, we use cloud technologies that access software, data and servers via the internet. We must ensure that our cloud environment functions at all times so that data is stored securely and cyber-attacks are technically excluded as best as possible. This is where we need other experts ─ like the cloud engineer, who ensures that our cloud environment is functional.

As an IT specialist, the cloud engineer is responsible for all technical tasks related to cloud computing. This includes the structure and design of the cloud platform as well as the planning, management and maintenance of the cloud infrastructure.

What does a Cloud Engineer do at TecAlliance?

An experienced Cloud Engineer with strong communication skills will design and optimise processes, services and tools for our corporate cloud platform. You (m/f/d) will be responsible for all technical tasks for cloud computing with Amazon Web Services. In addition, you will advise and coach our developers on questions regarding the selection, implementation, migration and optimal use of various cloud services.

Our agile organisational structure with flat hierarchies inspires cooperation in our multicultural teams: Our employees bring in their experience, implement their ideas and assume responsibility.

With several years of professional experience in the automation of cloud infrastructures, deep technical expertise in the AWS Cloud technology stack and the migration of systems to the AWS Cloud, as well as intercultural competence and a strong team orientation, you will be a strong asset to our young and agile team.

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As a digital innovator and provider of leading expert solutions, we are aware of our great responsibility for the success of our customers and the market. Deep industry knowledge and our claim to the highest quality and security, built on future-proof technologies, set us apart.

We look back on more than 25 years of expertise in data research, data preparation and data standardisation. Our motivated and committed employees power our success as the driving force behind the digitisation of the entire market.

We achieve a work-life balance, humanity and fairness through our agile organisational structures with flat hierarchies and multicultural teams, flexible working hours and locations and an open-feedback culture.

We trust in the willingness of our employees to collaborate in an appreciative manner and to develop their strengths and interests through learning and self-development.

Our collaboration is characterised by entrepreneurial thinking, cooperation at eye level, open and transparent communication, (self-) reflection and ownership. We look for this mindset in new team members. We offer a wide range of perspectives for personal development in a working environment based on collegiality and trust.

We look forward to receiving your unsolicited application