Automechanika Dubai: Accelerating aftermarket sales in the Middle East with TecDoc

We successfully launched the dedicated Middle East version of our internationally renowned TecDoc Catalogue at Automechanika Dubai. The largest international automotive aftermarket trade show in the Middle East took place from 22 to 24 November 2022 and was the perfect setting for us to present this new version. TecDoc helps workshops, dealers, and car owners to precisely identify vehicles and easily find the right replacement part and that allows parts manufacturers to boost sales.

In the Middle East and Africa, the automotive aftermarket is rapidly growing. It is advancing into digitisation at a fast pace, driven by local projects and the rise in the e-commerce of replacement parts.

TecDoc is now available in a dedicated Middle East version in English, Arabic and French. The catalogue can be accessed free of charge after registration at

Rapid results and highest precision

The TecDoc Catalogue offers maximum precision and accuracy in every respect. Thanks to the intuitive search function, users can easily find the right replacement part. Quick results enable users to work efficiently at all times. 

The TecDoc database has a high coverage of the vehicles sold in the Middle East. Users get product data and article information of the highest quality, provided and updated directly by international and local parts manufacturers.

Easily tap into new markets and increase visibility

Almost 750 aftermarket brands are already presenting their products in the TecDoc Catalogue Middle East. More and more parts manufacturers are joining as data suppliers to become more visible in the Middle East and Africa.

“Joining the TecDoc Catalogue has a lot of benefits for TIGRIL. The main reasons for joining TecDoc is the exposure that TIGRIL gets in our region. The search function makes it much easier for our customers to find and compare part numbers. In addition, TIGRIL is now visible to all TecDoc members which helps us grow our customer base in the Middle East.”

Fadi de Jaroueh, General Manager of APEX of Gulf

“TecDoc is the world’s leading global vehicles and spare parts catalogue, and we at KTK GERMANY take proud in being a part of this prestigious company. With the help of TecDoc, our company KTK GERMANY will be regarded as one of the leading companies in the Aftermarket segment”, says Anosh Paul, Community Manager at KTK GERMANY, one of the leading suppliers of commercial vehicle spare parts in the independent aftermarket.

TecDoc helps sell more parts in the aftermarket

The global shift of parts sales towards e-commerce platforms is one of the world’s major market trends. Setting up a network of sales channels in the digital aftermarket is increasingly essential, as a result. With our industry knowledge and technical expertise, we have created a number of catalogue solutions based on TecDoc data.

Parts manufacturers and traders can easily start their own, fully customized e-commerce business, where products are integrated with high-quality images, videos, and individual pricing. They can design their own web shops and online catalogues with individual branding and design, integrating the TecDoc data and their own private brands into their web applications.

“We believe that if someone is missing in the TecDoc Catalogue that indicates that the brand is not even present in the automotive aftermarket. It is necessary for our company to present our brand and our products in a way that our customers are reassured and satisfied with it and can discover our product range in an accurate, excellent and standardized manner. We feel that TecDoc meets those criteria”, states Walid Bissani, Managing Director of THE TRADE UNION INTERNATIONAL, one of the leading automotive spare parts trading companies in the region.