Autodistribution Russia on course for growth with the TecDoc Catalogue

Autodistribution (AD) Russia, one of the leading Russian distribution groups for vehicle parts and fluids, uses the TecDoc Catalogue to increase sales of its MILES products. AD Russia consists of seven independent companies with a combined turnover of 520 million euros in 2019. The group has been achieving record sales and growth in Russia through a series of initiatives. Two significant measures are a major investment in IT and signing an agreement with TecAlliance to make its products available in the TecDoc Catalogue.

“AD Russia decided to become a TecDoc data supplier because our catalogue is the only market solution that can secure an end-to-end data distribution process.” Robert Szwed, TecAlliance Managing Director Russia / CIS, is satisfied. “We are pleased that AD Russia has seen the benefits of having high-quality data in the TecDoc Catalogue to their many customers. The more articles they add as they expand, the happier their and our customers will be. Bearing in mind a high data update frequency and the significant use of TecDoc Catalogue data in Russia and the CIS region, AD Russia ensures itself a strong response to market changes. This is especially signified through cross-referencing and regular OE number updates.”

“We are counting on our agreement to help us expand even faster while better serving our customers in all regions of Russia.”

Olga Chukreeva, Executive Director, AD Russia Group

Benefit from a professional database

AD Russia’s MILES brand, established in 2015, is now strongly represented by 12,000 articles uploaded to the TecDoc database that meet the stringent TecDoc Standard. This provides direct communication between MILES and potential customers. Workshops and traders can get current, accurate and up-to-date information about available replacement parts – the TecDoc Catalogue is updated regularly. High-quality visualisation, photos and diagrams simplify the selection of MILES auto parts for automotive aftermarket players and eliminate many possible errors. This reduces returns, which is particularly important in such a large country.

AD Russia plans to start selling more than a thousand new MILES articles in autumn 2020 and add them to the database by the end of the year. “Accurate part selection and correct installation are important to satisfy our growing customer base. Working together with TecAlliance was a logical step for us. We are counting on our agreement to help us expand even faster while better serving our customers in all regions of Russia,” says Olga Chukreeva, Executive Director of the AD Russia Group.

AD Russia acts as a hub for the Russian automotive aftermarket

Founded in 2003, AD Russia is a member of Autodistribution International, one of the leading European automotive parts distribution cooperatives. The group’s significant logistics, warehousing, IT and technical resources make it possible to deliver parts promptly to any customer anywhere in Russia. The group has been expanding rapidly and now has 81 points of sale in 53 major cities in 43 regions of the country.

For more than 25 years, our TecDoc Catalogue has been one of the world’s leading vehicle and replacement parts catalogues, allowing traders and workshops to accurately and quickly select and install the aftermarket parts they need for high-quality automotive maintenance and repair. We are approaching our expansion throughout the Russian market as a key objective for our strategic development. The TecAlliance subsidiary in Russia has been operating as a legal entity since 2017, with all products and solutions localised and supported by our Moscow office.  Robert Szwed says, “The rapid acceptance of our products and services here shows how well suited they are to the Russian market. We look forward to contacting others whose needs we can fulfil.”