Analyse your maintenance and wear data with TecFleet Reporting

The TecFleet platform supports cost planning and control in the fleet and leasing sector and now includes a new reporting function. With the help of this function, you can display and evaluate your data according to your own ideas and thus obtain important information about your operational business.

Gain valuable insights from your data

With the new reporting tool of the TecFleet platform, you have the possibility to draw important conclusions from your business-related data. The functions of the reporting tool are based on the leading business intelligence tool Power BI, which enables you to access evaluations and analyses of your data easily and quickly.

We provide you with all data related to maintenance and wear-and-tear repairs on the TecFleet platform. Thanks to daily synchronisation, the data is always up-to-date. You therefore benefit from valuable insights based on daily analyses to continuously monitor and optimise your processes.

Choose between Standard or Premium Reporting

You can use TecFleet Reporting either as a standard or premium version. With Standard Reporting, we provide you with predefined evaluations. To create your own evaluations, we offer you the Premium Reporting. This allows you to create a variety of displays and evaluations of your data according to your individual requirements. Important information, such as the rate of automatic release, can therefore be displayed and evaluated quickly and easily. By analysing, evaluating and individually displaying your data with the TecFleet Reporting function, you benefit from gaining new and valuable insights for your company that support you in making adjustments and optimisations in the TecFleet platform.

Evaluate your data efficiently and easily

By using a widely available business intelligence tool, you have the advantage of a reduced introduction to the functionalities, and you benefit from free access to training materials if required. In addition, Power BI provides a standard interface for connecting to any existing internal reporting systems. This ensures that the reporting functionalities are easy to use and therefore are supporting your work.

With the new TecFleet reporting function, you have access to numerous options for evaluating your data stock. The analysis of your maintenance and wear data supports you in generating decisive insights for your company. For this purpose, you have the possibility to choose from various tools, create your own reports and dashboards and thus use your reporting individually and adapted to your needs. The new functionalities make it possible, for example, to visualise the automatic release of workshop orders over a certain period of time. This gives you an overview of your internal developments and makes it easier to identify any weak points or problem areas, which leads to greater transparency in your company.

More efficiency in fleet management with TecFleet

TecFleet offers digital solutions with high added value for all relevant service, maintenance and repair processes in the fleet and leasing sector. Future operating costs for a vehicle can be calculated on the basis of manufacturer-compliant data. TecFleet also enables a plausibility check of invoices and a release of workshop orders. These processes can be offered automatically, saving you important time and costs. In this way, we support and automate your work steps, which leads to an increase in efficiency and cost optimisation. With the reporting tool, the TecFleet platform now provides you with another important module that complements your processes and adds a high degree of transparency.

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